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Originally from Thomasville, Georgia, Lori C. Obenauf has lived in Macon since 1979 when she enrolled at Mercer University. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in English in 1983 and went on to earn her Juris Doctorate from Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law in 1986.

A member of the State Bar of Georgia since 1986, Ms. Obenauf has engaged in the practice of law, serving over seven years as an indigent defense panel attorney in the Superior Court of Bibb County. For four years, she served as a contract attorney in the Bibb County Juvenile Court handling delinquency and deprivation cases and acting as a guardian ad litem. Additionally, she has also served as a panel attorney representing indigents in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Georgia. Her law practice has included a variety of general civil and criminal matters.

Lori Obenauf spent two years as the Director of Paralegal Studies at Middle Georgia College, where she also taught the Legal Environment of Business. Over the last fourteen years, Ms. Obenauf has been engaged in the management of the Recovery and Bankruptcy departments of a large corporation in the financial services / office solutions industry.

Most recently, Ms. Obenauf registered as a Mediator in the Office of Dispute Resolution for the State of Georgia.

Because she is well versed in a wide variety of business and legal matters, Lori Obenauf is well-qualified to handle your legal matters efficiently and expertly.

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Warner Robins, GA unmarried child custody lawyer

How to get child custody in Warner Robins, GA is an issue that will require whole hearted effort from your side and there is really nothing you can leave to chance. You should leave no stones unturned, because a small oversight will result in your child being taken away from you. A complete understanding of the child custody laws and the related child custody issues is vital. First of all, you must consult a qualified and seasoned Warner Robins, GA unmarried child custody lawyer. Explain all matters to your lawyer. Reveal everything to your Warner Robins, GA unmarried child custody attorney. There is still a heavy bias that favors mothers over fathers, especially with younger children. The unmarried father in Warner Robins, GA often at best can only take the requisite action to gain unmarried child custody and visitation rights through the courts unless the mother is cooperative and agreeable out of court. The time and money involved for an unmarried father to get rights to his child and to prove a parenting plan may typically be extensive. But, unmarried fathers must not be discouraged as more and more fathers with the assistance of an experienced and seasoned Warner Robins, GA unmarried child custody lawyer are petitioning the court for access to their children are being granted joint custody with parenting plans that include the child living or spending a substantial amount of time with their father.

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Jones County, Georgia spousal support lawyer

If spousal support is awarded due to an injury to the recipient party, the spousal support may be temporary or permanent in nature. Although spousal support is usually awarded to the wife, the husband can also request the court for spousal support if the wife earns much more than him. A seasoned Jones County, Georgia spousal support lawyer will make sure that you are given adequate spousal support. Spousal support may be in cash payments or other forms. It can be in the form of disbursements from a retirement account, a transfer of an entire retirement account, transfer of the marital home or some other property or any other form of payment either agreed upon between the parties or ordered by the judge. Spousal support can take many different forms, from a lump sum payment to lifetime payments or payments for a short period of time. Once the court considers the facts at hand, it will determine the type of alimony. Spousal support is also called alimony. Alimony is ordered by the court and depends on numerous different things, like the standard of living, whether the receiver needs the spousal support payments, whether the payor has the ability to pay the spousal support, and other factors. Different states have different tests for determining spousal support. Few states are “no fault” states, and will not grant spousal support if an injury to one spouse is caused by the other.

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